sea horses
marine life

Caribbean Sea Horses

Seahorses have, for over 2,000 years, captured the imagination and inspired all sorts of legends in many latitudes. Poseidon, the Greek god of the ...
Blue chromis in Sosua reef
marine life

Blue Chromis

Blue Chromis ( Chromis Cyanea) is a bright blue, shallow water fish found in many coral reefs throughout the Caribbean. It is a ...
Sosua blue tang
marine life

Atlantic Blue Tang

The Atlantic blue tang (Acanthurus coeruleus) is a surgeonfish found in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It is often seen schooling around ...
french grunts
marine life

French Grunt

French grunt (Haemulon flavolineatum) are the silvery white, yellow striped fish most divers find near reefs in Sosua. Their name is attributed to the ...
queen angel sosua beach
marine life

Queen Angel Fish

Considered one of the most beautiful fish in the Caribbean, Holacanthus ciliaris, or Queen angelfish is for sure one of the favorite species ...
French angel fish in Sosua Bay
marine life

French Angelfish

French angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) is considered one of the most beautiful fish in the Caribbean, a favorite for diving tours. They belong to ...

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