queen angel sosua beach
marine life

Queen Angel Fish

Considered one of the most beautiful fish in the Caribbean, Holacanthus ciliaris, or Queen angelfish is for sure one of the favorite species ...
French angel fish in Sosua Bay
marine life

French Angelfish

French angelfish (Pomacanthus paru) is considered one of the most beautiful fish in the Caribbean, a favorite for diving tours. They belong to ...
parrot fish in Sosua Beach reef
marine life

Caribbean Parrot Fish

Parrotfish ( Scaridae ) are colorful marine species that inhabit shallow tropical and subtropical oceans around the world. They are a favorite among ...
turtle in Sosua Beach
marine life

Turtles in Sosua Beach

Sea turtles are ancient mariners, covering vast distances across all the oceans except for the polar regions. They are reptiles of the order Testudines, ...
Rakija Sosua
beach bars

Rakija Bar

If you look for something different that will make you feel the best of the Balkans and its culture, try Rakija Bar & ...
sosua reef squid
marine life

Caribbean Reef Squid

Sepioteuthis sepioidea, or commonly known as Caribbean reef squid, are small torpedo-shaped squid with undulating fins that extend on both sides of their ...

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