Sosua Beach Fishermen are the people responsible for bringing fresh Caribbean fish to the local market, as they wake up early each morning, sail away to the open ocean and catch our favorite Mahi, Wahoo, Tuna, grouper and other seafood menu fish varieties we love.

We spent a whole morning cleaning the beach at El Tablón as part of an effort to help the local community, and found this treasure village of fishermen working in their boats, cleaning fish and doing other daily chores.

That location of Sosua is a small beach where the river meets the ocean, where its natural beauty makes it a must for any traveler that wants to experience more than just resort beaches.

There is a restaurant there that serves fresh fish, and also the local fishermen association office where one can buy raw fish as well for a good price. It was specially interesting to photograph the local fauna; children playing, the hill homes and the kindness of these local villagers.

We have toured several small villages around Sosua and found this one to be one of the most interesting ones, a very rich experience we recommend to those who like to see the natural surroundings and take great photos.

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Asociacion de Pescadores de Sosua
Rio Mar, El Tablon
Tel. 849-210-4038 /829-945-4677

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