sergeant major fish fed by a snorkeler in Sosua

Snorkeling in Sosua Beach is perhaps the tour with most demand, because one aspect of this beach is the amount of shallow areas with coral and colorful, tropical reef fish. Sosua bay is easy for snorkeling without needing a boat, just snorkel gear and a floating vest to avoid getting tired if you want to spend an hour in the water.

sosua snorkel map

Snorkel spots in Sosua

There are several snorkel areas, and the best one is called Canyon, or locally known as Los Cabezos. In some areas it can go as deep as 30 feet ( inside the wall ) and you get to see bluehead wrasses, Sergeant majors, blue tangs, yellow tail snapper, and other fish.

Snorkeling in Sosua – by Stewart Edward

Many will also find stands with snorkel gear rentals but if you plan to go serious and swim towards the Canyon ( as opposed of just staying near the shore ) it is best to book with a dive center as a group and get a professional to stay with the group. Another option is to book a powered snorkel tour and have the powered machine cruise you around, quicker though more expensive.

Another snorkel spot, considered the number one is Three Rocks. It does take a boat trip of about 7 minutes so it has to be booked with a tour operator or a diving center. It is located about 300 meters off the coast of Imbert Beach, and the site has three large rock pinnacles with coral and lots of tropical fish such as the sergeant major, bluehead wrasse, French grunt, and blue tang.

Sosua Snorkel Reef – by Eric Hertsens

People get to snorkel and feed the fish, great for photo ops. Since the site has a max depth of 27 feet (9m), it is also a place used for beginner divers. There are also other species such as moray eels, stingray, peacock flounder, and yellow tail snappers. Snorkeling in Sosua can be an amazing experience, just contact the Sosua Concierge to book this tour today.