Sosua yacht parties have always been a great way to mingle with friends and celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion. To take the experience to a higher level, there`s the Sosua Beach Catamaran party. A catamaran has a wider surface than a yacht, more deck per square foot so more people can fit; also it is more stable so people are less prone to being seasick.

sosua catamaran party

The catamaran takes the party to a whole new level

The reservation schedule offers morning and afternoon private charters, 8am-1pm and 1-5pm; on some occasions the catamaran can be booked for sunset cruises from 5-7:30pm. The max capacity is 35 people, and rates start at $1,100.00 for a group of 1-18 people. Larger numbers just need to quote. Book the Sosua catamaran here.

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