Sosua Beach catamaran party has always been a great way to mingle with friends and celebrate a birthday or any other special occasion. To take the experience to a higher level the tour sails to the best snorkeling and party spots along the local beaches.

A catamaran has a wider surface than a yacht, more deck per square foot so more people can fit; also it is more stable so people are less prone to being seasick, and it includes plenty of lounge areas, a Jacuzzi, trampoline and BBQ.

sosua catamaran party

The catamaran takes the party to a whole new level

The reservation schedule for the Sosua beach Catamaran party offers morning and afternoon private charters, 9am-1pm and 1-5pm; on some occasions the catamaran can be booked for sunset cruises from 5-8pm. It includes crew, snacks, snorkel gear, bathroom, 1 bedroom and interior lounge plus the outdoor ones.

The max capacity is 35 people, and rates start at $1,350.00 for a group of 1-20 people. Larger numbers just need to quote $25 extra per person. Fine local and international catering can be ordered from the local restaurants on request.

This tour sails across the coast of local beaches, stopping at great spots such as Three Rocks. You can see it from the 360 degree view shown here. To book Whatsapp or call 1-809-477-2038 or Book online with the Concierge: Sosua catamaran here.

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