Sosua Beach photos in 180 degrees show here the best of the best Dominican Republic beach in the North Coast. We arrived at the Parking area around 10 am to walk by the beach restaurants and found interesting new places, such as Fresita`s beach club;

This new beach bar and restaurant looks very nice and offers a complete menu with local and international dishes. The classic spots are still there, in between rows of gift shops.

We made a stop at the Tree House and snapped a few shots, what a nice staff and great food there. Getting to the loungers area the fruit seller had a smile for us, despite carrying a basket with fruit over his head, under the hot sun. A catamaran in the background was so close to the shore, looked like  it was picking up tourists for a day of endless fun.

Further down we resumed our walk of the restaurants and stopped to say hi at Big D, the king of BBQ ribs, undisputed. It has become a landmark for North Americans to stop there and try BBQ with Presidente beer.

A Sosua Beach pet dog seemed to care little as we got the camera so close to him, and snap a photo while he laid like a rag doll, living the beach life.

After walking by a little more we stopped by Mofongo King and had a Sex on the Beach drink in their bar, our favorite since we first tried it here back in 2018 when we published the video of the bartender fixing us a delightful one:

Another stop at the French Bar restaurant Cathy Et Remy, to try a B52! they make the original recipe mandatory, Cointreau, Kahlua and Grand Marnier, flambée.

Another great addition to the beach is Malibu`s Beach Club, with great staff and a fantastic selection of drinks. They also offer lockers for their customers, and also deliver drinks to the beach lounge areas. 39 Street is also another new bar to try, we will visit soon and publish their photos on the next Sosua Beach photos 180 update we publish here.


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