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Sosua Banana Boat Tour


Sosua Banana Boat Tour is One of the most exciting, fun-filled tours in Sosua Beach. This thrilling ride in a sausage-shaped, inflated raft is towed by a speed boat, turning and twisting at high speed to challenge participants to hold and avoid the almost unavoidable fall to the water.

Lifejackets are a must, as the ride goes beyond Sosua bay and into open sea on the beautiful coastal scenery of Sosua and Alicia beach. The Banana boat ride is family friendly, suitable for ages 10 or older. There is also a donut boat ride for 1-4 people, operated by the same provider. This tour can be booked with Correa at +1 (849) 248-3116.

Donut ride Sosua

The Sosua banana boat tour is available from 8am to 6pm, departing from the East or West side of the beach. You can prebook and have it ready on any day of the week, except on Easter Weekend when boating restrictions are in place in Sosua Beach due to the massive influx of travelers that particular weekend.

You can also book the powered snorkel tour with Correa Water Sports.

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