Sosua Beach Club

UPDATE: Due to renovations to Sosua Beach we`re moving to El Batey, and returning when the beach renovations are completed.

Sosua Beach Club Fresita`s is a restaurant bar, offering a high level of service to local and international visitors. Their menu consists of international and local dishes including North American treats, filet, steak, American breakfast, seafood, pasta, chicken dishes, Soups, and burgers; Also a Dominican local selection including sancocho, mofongo, cocido, tripe stew and rice dishes favored by almost all locals.


The location is easy to find, about 30 meters away from the parking lot in El Batey, and visitors can reserve a parking area by calling the restaurant ahead of time, also reserve tables ( there are 5 ). This restaurant includes its own bathroom, and it is decorated with Taino and African cultural motifs. Best in the menu is the red snapper and grouper ( steamed with veggies ), the Tempura shrimp  and grilled lobster.

This Beach Club is a great spot for families visiting Sosua, and offers services such as birthday parties, small intimate beach weddings, catering service and is linked to many villa rentals in Sosua, allowing rental customers access to the beach club facilities and discounts when booking loungers, using the bathroom and reserving services.

This location is also the closest to the boat dock and beach parking, hence the reason it was selected as the lounge and catering provider for Sosua yacht rental customers who require these services. Contact the Beach Club at 809-953-3851 or via email:

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