Amazing Caribbean Fish Transformations


Sometimes we want to identify fish we see when diving, but don`t know that a totally different looking fish is indeed a species we know, but as a juvenile. This video shows the amazing transformations that undergo 5 Caribbean species, among those the Queen Angel Fish, which starts as a colorful blue and yellow striped juvenile, then becomes the incredibly gorgeous fish we know.

The second is the spotted drumfish, which starts as a small slender fish with a long dorsal fin in black and white, and later gains the spots when the dorsal fin widens and gets much shorter. Then we see the French Angel Fish, which starts as a cleaner for larger fish and then grows stripes that later loses to become a yellow-flecked scales adult with the gray face.

Then we have the yellow-head wrasse, which begins as a yellow-orange female with a stripe and then turns male with a totally different pattern and colors. Lastly, the stoplight parrotfish shows us ho remarkable nature can be, as this fish transforms itself into two very different versions that most people would not recognize that easily, even changing the scale pattern and sex.

Diving in Sosua one gets a chance to view these species in their natural habitat, visit the diving centers page and contact your favorite center to arrange a diving tour.


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