Taino Bay Port Map

The Taino Bay port map selection included in this guide helps cruise passengers navigate the port’s multiple facilities with ease. Located in Puerto Plata, North of the Dominican Republic, this beautiful port has grown significantly over the years, thanks to its strategic location and the plethora of amenities it offers. If you’re planning a visit or just curious about what this port has to offer, this detailed map selection can be considered priceless.

Map of Taino Bay facilities

Map of Taino Bay facilities

Port Location:

Taino Bay Port is located in the heart of Puerto Plata, with latitude/longitude 19.798416,-70.701464; it faces the Atlantic Ocean to the North and the historic district to its South. Its prime location offers direct access to the vast expanse of the Caribbean Sea, making it a preferred stop for many cruise liners such as Norwegian Cruise Lines, Virgin Cruises, MSC, Regent, Celebrity Cruises, TUI, Royal Caribbean, and many more top brands.

3D rendering of the port

3D rendering of the port

Amenities included in the map:

1. Docking Facilities: Taino Bay Port boasts state-of-the-art docking facilities that can accommodate multiple large cruise liners simultaneously.

2. Tourist Information Center: For newcomers, the port has a tourist information center where you can get brochures, maps, and details about guided tours; including the Keloke bar lounge and a Diamonds International store.

3. Restrooms and Shower Facilities: Clean and well-maintained, they are scattered across the port for convenience; decorated with beautiful Taino motifs and murals.

4. Wi-Fi Hotspots: Stay connected with dedicated Wi-Fi hotspots available for visitors throughout the port facilities including restaurants and bars.

Architectural plan map

Architectural plan map of Taino Bay port.


Tantalize your taste buds with a range of restaurants offering both local and international cuisines.

1. San Mangu: Famous for its traditional Dominican dishes including mofongo, sancocho, la bandera, mangu, and many more.

2. Taco Lover: This Mexican restaurant sits by the Lazy river, not far from the Taino Bay beach lounge.

3. Casa Palapa: This restaurant has Tex Mex and international food, is near the main swimming pool and has a complete menu that services the heart of Taino Bay.

The port welcome center

The port welcome center

Taino Bay Bars:

Quench your thirst and unwind at one of the port’s welcoming bars.

Rum Rum Bar, Parrot Bar, Keloke Bar, Seibar, Juracan Bar, Dom Dom Pool bar, Taino Bay Mojito Bar, Boat Bar and Tiki Tiki Bar. All these bars serve international cocktails, local rum and other spirits.

Port Stores:

From souvenirs to designer brands, Taino Bay Port offers a shopping experience for every pocket. The shopping center is spread around the port, in three long rows designed as a tropical oasis.

Taino Bay pier

Taino Bay pier

Other Features:

1. Dahao Swimming Pool: Immerse yourself with this resort-style pool that features wet bars, live entertainment and plenty of lounge areas.

2. Monkey Island: For families traveling with children, the port has a Capuchin monkey sanctuary enclosure to experience a close encounter with these beautiful creatures.

3. Taino Bay Beach Lounge: Relax in the tropical beach lounge with a lazy river, restaurants, shops and bar.

4. Shore Excursions: The port offers various adventure tours, from snorkeling and diving excursions to island safaris.

5. Interactive Map: The Taino Bay interactive map shows the location of all the port amenities, with description, photos and in some cases, even video.

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