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Sosua Bella Vista River


The Sosua Bella vista river tour is a journey to venture deeper into the local society as it has always been since the first Taino natives roamed the island, gathering around rivers and waterfalls. To the first Taino, these were places of worship; in today’s society it is more about enjoyment and socializing when locals flock to its location mostly on weekends.

In pure Dominican culture, some visitors cook in open pits made up of a few large rocks, while others go the BBQ way. Local cuisine specialties including Sancocho, Locrio, Creole Chicken, Pork Ribs, or Spaghetti are the menu items when at the river. Presidente beer is ever present, also Brugal Rum with or without Coke.

Bella Vista River in Photos:

A Relaxing Visual Experience

The Sosua Bella Vista River can be seen flowing down the small bridge on the main street, and flows along lined by centuries old mature trees that stand guard with large exposed roots; feeling more like a relaxing visual experience out of JK Rowland`s Lord of the Rings. Green moss in the rocks around it suggest we are visiting on the low season where the river bank is at a low, yet still the watercourse has a considerable flow rate.

The Sosua River Tour

A recommended eco tour of the North Coast region, the Bella Vista Sosua river was our first stop on a Saturday morning, just before the first locals arrived to the scene. Our next stop was the Martinico River, about 35 mins down the road; then we drove like 10 more minutes to the hydroelectric dam over the Yasica River. From here we drove back to visit the Sosua River, the one that ends on La Boca Beach next to Puerto Chiquito; this is the same river that starts in Bella Vista and extends for 9 kilometers.

On Video:


How to Get There:

Coming from Sosua, take highway 5 past Sosua Beach and turn left on the Maranatha entrance right before the bridge, and drive about 3.5 kilometers until you find the river, which is right on the highway over a small bridge. Turn right and you`ll see it right next to a Baseball diamond where local kids play. 

On Google Maps

GARMIN GPS: Latitude: 19.714422 | Longitude: -70.515514

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