Rufino & Salomé run a gift shop near the entrance of Sosua Beach, a couple with a solid clientele due to their efficient customer service, store variety and quality. Considered one of the top 5 gift shops, the list of souvenirs and beach related items they have on display is quite extensive:

  • Local art & crafts
  • Beach towels
  • Postcards, inflatables
  • Sun tan products
  • Dominican handrafts
  • Beach wrap wear
  • Hats, caps, eyeshades
  • Beach shirts, flip flops
  • Wooden handcrafts
  • Mamajuana bottles

This list make no justice, as the catalog is far too extensive to list here. Their store is #7 on the Batey entrance of Sosua Beach, right past the Casita Azul bar and the public restrooms. Contact them at tel. 809-805-3067.



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