Marlin Fishing in Sosua is one of the most exciting sports fishing tours available, as the Atlantic Ocean has Blue and White Marlin that can reach enormous sizes. These type of billfish provide anglers with hours of fight, and the rigs and yachts available in Sosua have all the needed crew and equipment to reel them in. To those new to billfish, it pays to know your catch:

The White Marlin

Although available throughout the year, white Marlin (Kajikia albida) is mostly found off Sosua`s waters March through June. It is found in the epipelagic zone between latitudes of 45° N and 45° S in waters deeper than 100 meters. They tend to stay near the surface, and prefer warm surface temperatures greater than 22 °C; The largest ever caught reportedly weighted over 82 kg (180.8 lb ).

white marlin fishing sosua

White Marlin fishing in Sosua is an exciting experience

Live bait is an option, though most captains in DR prefer rigged bait of dead ballyhoo wrapped in a lure. The use of spreads and outriggers are a must, and as with other big fish, the line must be kept under pressure and angle the rod 15 degrees before cranking a full rotation on the reel. Penn published a quick Marlin fishing guide with 5 simple steps, we recommend it.

The Blue Marlin

Blue Marlin (Makaira Nigricans) are migratory fish found in the upper water zones where they can find thriving prey populations to feed from. They are among the fastest, and biggest fish in the ocean, weighing up to 2,000 pounds and reaching up to 14 feet in size ( 4.3 meters ). They usually feed at the surface where the water is warm, and sometimes they attack at deeper depths where schooling mackerel is stunned at full speed using their powerful bill.

blue marlin sosua

Blue Marlin is lured with rigged ballyhoo

Sosua fishing charters are available every day, contact 1-305-677-2616 for details on season, available yachts and to reserve a tour.

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