The number one choice among French-speaking travelers, Cathy et Rémy is one of the top ten restaurants in Sosua Beach. The owners are a swiss couple that truly deliver when it comes to good food and drinks.


Poutine is one of the Quebecois dishes at Cathy et Rémy.

The menu includes a variety of Poisson ( fish dishes ), 5 varieties of Poutine (a dish originating from the Canadian province of Quebec, consisting of French fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy); and Poulet (chicken ) dishes such as the Swiss Cordon Bleu, wings, and and pineapple and coconut chicken.

The menu also includes a selection of crêpes, such as the fromage Suisse (swiss cheese), jambon et fromage (ham&cheese), sauce bolognaise avec oignons+fromage (bolognaise sauce, onions and cheese), Suisse bacon et oeuf (Swiss bacon and eggs), and dessert crepes ( au chocolat, au sucre brun, avec banana, au cointreau).

Crepes with chocolat

Crepes au Chocolat

A signature dish in the menu is the Gazpacho Andaluz ( a cold soup made of tomato, pepper and vegetables ). There`s also salads, sandwiches, croquettes, hot dogs, and pasta. Cathy et Rémy have a very complete bar that offers top drinks and cocktails, a one stop place to spend great moments with friends.

Contact Details: 

Cathy Et Rémy Beach Bar
# 60 Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic
Tel. 829-569-7161


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