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Powered Snorkel Tour


Powered snorkel in Sosua can be a fun-filled experience as it allows the user to virtually navigate through the shallow waters over the reefs, using a powered device instead of paddling. This allows us to cover a greater distance in a shorter time, and maneuver through the reef with more precision. It was successfully deployed during the Sosua Beach Kayak and Paddle board Party.

The use of powered snorkel requires a snorkel mask, and the tour operator should provide a leader to guide the tour. We recommend never going alone unless you are an experienced user, and always monitor for battery time so explore the outer reef first and leave the ones closer to shore for last so you’re always on the safe side. Having a camera strapped to the mask is priceless.

This tour can be booked with Correa Water Sports at +1 (849) 248-3116; he also books the donut boat.

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