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Alfonso`s Gift Shop in Sosua Beach


Alfonso`s gift shop is one of the largest beach souvenir stores in Sosua Beach, and its facade is just as promising. The salesman welcomed us and toured us around the store, eager to let us promote his business on the social networks and this beach portal.

To say there`s almost everything a souvenirs store must have, is an understatement. There are hats, caps, local art, jewelry, beach wrap dresses, hand made bags, shades, cow horn handworks, wooden Taino figures, pottery and a selection of t-shirts to prove you were in DR ( a joke ).


The Larimar selection looks serious, and there`s a lot of raw stones of the blue Pectolite to prove it. Rings, earrings, beads, an pendants that would make any woman very happy to own. An assortment of leather covered bottles of Mamajuana of various sizes are being offered to those who believe in its “powers”.

Wooden elephant heads and colorful, thin metal lizards hang from the shelves edges, inviting the visitor to bring them home as souvenirs of their Caribbean experience in Sosua beach.

Contact Details:

Alfonso`s Gift Shop
#4 Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic
Tel. 829-978-7890
( located next door to the Rakija Serbian Bar)

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