The 2018 edition of the Puerto Plata Carnival closed with a vast outpouring of joy, color and great folkloric richness that nuanced the great final parade of that festival that packed the upper part of the local boardwalk from the old Hotel Caracol to Long Beach and that as a finishing touch had the presentation of the urban exponent Vakeró.

With a clear sky and the fresh sea breeze from the Atlantic caressing the faces of thousands of people, more than 65 comparsas, individuals, Traditional Cojuelos Devils, Taimáscaros tribes and delegations from other provinces put a very distinctive stamp on it last Saturday at the official closing of the Puerto Plata Carnival.

The space of the boardwalk that includes from Camacho beach to the entrance of the old Montemar Hotel, was very small for the massive number of people who enthusiastically came to enjoy this cultural and folkloric festival that has had a new upswing in recent years. in “The Bride of the Atlantic.”

The president of the Puerto Plata Carnival Union, Dr. Juan Oscar Souffront, highlighted the work carried out by a great team that includes the board of that entity, in addition to the companions, the Diablos Cojuelos and the security personnel who were composed of by hundreds of police officers, as well as soldiers from the Puerto Plata Air Base and the Dominican Republic Navy (ARD).

In the same order, Souffront thanked the support provided by the provincial government headed by Dr. Iván Rivera, who was accompanied by his family when he was given a plaque of recognition because the 2018 Puerto Plata Carnival was dedicated to His person.

In the same way, the president of UCAPPLATA said that this delivery exceeded that of previous years and that next year they will carry out a Carnival with greater splendor since although they do not have the financial resources they yearn for, with much will and effort it has been achieved carry out a great event in favor of the healthy and cultural delight of the entire Puerto Plata population.

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