La Casita Azul in Sosua Beach is the first bar you hit when you make it from the parking area, right at the center. It`s a blue, little Victorian-style house with white borders and a small terrace with blue parasols outside.

This is what we`d like to call the starters bar, to grab the first strawberrystrawberry daiquiri daiquiri, mojito, margarita or a boosted caipirinha. When meeting friends at the beach before choosing a spot, nothing beats casita as it is impossible to miss when coming in from the Batey entrance of Sosua.

The fruit is fresh, and if you order a pina colada they do it in the pineapple. Seeing the tables outside makes you wonder if they`d have a kitchen in such a small area, right? well, you can order food from them, as they use the menu from Bandera Dominicana.

You can contact them at Tel. 829-664-8526, speak to Raquel, she`s super cool and available morning and afternoon.

location map of casita azul

Map showing the location of Casita azul in Sosua beach.