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John`s Gift Shop


John`s Gift Shop is the third in line when coming towards Sosua beach from the main entrance of El Batey, easily reachable right after the Casita Azul bar. This store front displays colorful beach wear, wide brim hats, local art, crafts and the ever present Dominican Mamajuanas (bottles with roots, to prepare the drink made of wine, rum and honey).

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Inside, the store has a table display with lots of Jewelry made of Larimar, the ( blue pectolite) found only in the DR; shell beads, cow`s horn and other materials that produce high quality necklaces, rings and earrings. A wall has a set of African masks made of wood, and also DR sun masks made of leather.

Another display table has a selection of wooden boxes, Taino figures and Jicara lamps. Next time you walk by Sosua Beach, stop by this store if you need to pick up a quick beach item.

Contact Details:

John`s Gift Shop
#6 Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic
Tel. 829-993-2500