A favorite among beach goers, Chulo`s Restaurant in Sosua Beach was featured in the top ten list of beach restaurants in Sosua in 2018, by Golden Treasures. Chulo`s menu lists a comprehensive selection that begins with the Fish menu: Grilled Sea Bass, (also in Menier), w/mushroom sauce, Creole sauce, Red Snapper, Yellow tail Snapper, and breaded (Schnitzel).

Grilled Octopus

Grilled Octopus at Chulo`s Sosua Beach

For Seafood there`s also: Lobster (grilled, garlic, thermidor, and Creole dishes), Shrimp ( same options as lobster), Octopus ( a la vinaigrette, garlic, Creole), Conch (in garlic sauce, Creole style, Vinaigrette), Crab, Creole style Crab, and Seafood casserole for 2.

Chicken dishes at Chulo`s include wings, nuggets, curry chicken, grilled breast, Parmesan style chicken, cracklings, Cordon Bleu, breaded chicken, in mushroom sauce, Creole style, Prickle chicken, and BBQ grilled.

Cordon Bleu chicken

Cordon Bleu chicken

The pasta selection has Bolognese, Carbonara, Garlic based, Shrimp based, Creole style, and seafood spaghetti. For soups there`s Fish soup, vegetable soup, chicken soup, and seafood soup. The salads menu include green salad, chicken salad ( must be Caesar ), seafood salad, and shrimp cocktail. Chulo`s also offers various types of sandwiches, such as ham&cheese, chicken, club sandwich, and hamburgers.

For a casual beach atmosphere and great food, try Chulo`s on your next visit to Sosua Beach, friends and family will love it.

Contact Details:

Chulo`s Beach Restaurant & Bar
#80 Sosua Beach, Dominican Republic
Tel. 829-993-1734