Casa Marina Beach

The Casa Marina beach in Sosua is the third one past the main beach and Alicia beach, nested in a small cove where the beach resort with the same name is located. It stretches to about 131 meters (429 ft) and has the Sosua By the Sea Resort to the East, and Casa Marina Resort areas to its West. It is fairly easy to reach from anywhere in El Batey. This beach can get deep only a few feet into the waterline, so we recommend it for good swimmers.

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A Resort Beach

The Casa Marina beach has no vendors, and is used mainly by the resort guests staying at the hotel. This makes it less attractive to those that expect services available such as drinks, food, tours, etc; It is worth a visit if you are doing some hopping just to get to know all the local beaches. Right next to it we find the Imbert Beach, which eroded and was recovered by building a jetty.

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