Playa Chiquita is a small beach cove located in the neighborhood of the same name in Sosua, Dominican Republic. As the name implies, it is very small and it is public access, and mostly visited by those who know well its location. The area near playa chiquita has mature trees, a sandy beach cove and people mostly visit to take photos.

Nearby Imbert beach and the famous snorkeling site of Three Rocks are close by, where yachts and catamarans anchor each day for tourists to jump into the coral reefs and feed colorful fish.

Once in the smallest beach of the North Coast, there are no vendors there, chairs, umbrellas or private security, so you`re on your own. For nature buffs this is perfect, though it is good to bring a few friends.

Some people are seen fishing from the rocks, but its proximity to the snorkeling sites suggests that this is a banned site for fishing, and the place will soon be part of the Sosua Marine Sanctuary.

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As it is open water, this small beach is recommended for good swimmers, so please make sure everyone in the group understands that and you follow basic instructions when visiting Playa Chiquita:

  • Only allow good swimmers to get into the water.
  • Never go swimming alone, always bring a friend.
  • Have a lifesaver nearby, you might need it.
  • Having a mobile phone to call 911 if you see someone in distress is a must these days.

Together with Sosua Beach, Alicia Beach, Casa Marina Beach, and Imbert Beach, Playa Chiquita is the 5th in size and geographical location along the coast. Paradise Beach was also on the list, expected to come back once its sands return to shore as it was washed back into the ocean during a weather event, now slowly coming back.

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